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Guidelines for V-Twin

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2.     INAPPROPRAIATE POSTS.  Respect of other members is the key to the V-Twin Cruisers MC.  If we want to be a Family of  Riders, we need to get along with each other.  The following are guidelines for inappropriate posts.  Keep in mind this is a motorcycle club related page. If your post is not related to motorcycles or riding then it is subject to be removed.


a)     NUDITY:  We all know what that is. Porn, date sites and sex toys are not tolerated.  It also encompasses women leaning over bikes scantily clad, do this on your own Facebook page.

b)     POLITICAL POST:  Nothing political except for how it directly relates to motorcycle laws.  We do not support political parties or candidates.

c)     RELIGIOUS POSTS:  People are from all walks of life and don’t necessarily believe the same as others. Although we welcome prayer for our brothers and sisters, Christian motorcycle club event posts or religious post of a lost love one on this page, religious videos and posts will be removed.

d)    LANGUAGE:  The F-bomb and vulgar language is not tolerated and will be removed.

e)     RUDENESS:  Bashing of other members will not be tolerated.  Nor bashing of their choice of ride, religion, politics, or sexual orientation, this is disrespectful and won’t be tolerated.

3.     FUNDRAISING:  We ask that you contact your chapter administrator or president before asking for donations for a person or a cause to be deposited in a GOFUNDME page or Paypal account.  “Proof of need will be verified before it is allowed to be posted to any V-Twin Cruisers MC page.  Any donations solicited without discussing with administrator or your chapter President first will be removed from the page.

4.     ADVERTISING:  If a product or service is motorcycle related, it qualifies to be on the page. Limit posts to once a week.  Some examples of acceptable advertising are as listed:  Leather, Biker Shops and Stops, Rally Owners,  Musicians who play at rallies,  Biker hangouts, Mom and Pops restaurants and café’s, cleaning products for bikes, rally vendors, Biker churches, club recruiting, etc.


Anyone violating these guidelines will be removed for 30 days by the Administrator, President, Vice-President of the I.C.P.


Now let’s get busy with the wind therapy!!  Ride safe, be safe, enjoy!

V-TWIN CRUISERS MC Administrators